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Business YETI is a division of JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing
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This site is presently not available for one or more reasons. The most common reasons are listed below.

  • The owner has requested the domain to be made unavailable.
  • The owner may have another purpose for the domain and plans on using the domain when that opportunity presents itself for their organization.
  • The domain is new, and a new website is being prepared for you.
  • The owner may or may not have it for sale.
    • You can contact Business YETI to find out if the site is available for purchase. You can reach Business YETI at

Did our super team pickup your domain?

Often our team will watch for upcoming businesses around the United States. We try to contact you based on press releases, newspaper articles, etc. but sometimes we just can't reach you as your business is just "that new". Often, we can't but we still grab the domain as we want to work with you on building and growing your dream. Our websites are flat rate at $1,395 or just $795 if you are on our business growth plans. Our growth plans often will help businesses grow by more than 20% per year. Contact us to learn more and grow your business today.

Key features of every Business YETI website that make us the best choice for every small business that wants to grow:

  • No templates - you deserve more than a $50 WordPress template customized. You deserve something unique to who you are with online ordering, CRM, information, and what your customers need.
  • No branding - you're not giving us your hard-earned money for us to advertise your business. You are paying us to make your vision come to life. You will never see us take advantage of you by advertising our business on your dime!
  • Your Voice - We work with you to make your vision come to life. This is your business and we are your online tool for digital marketing to make your business grow.
  • No contracts - No one likes to be locked into contracts, so we don't lock you into them.
  • Fixed Pricing - Unlike Xfinity and others where the longer you are with them your pricing is fixed to when you sign with us for life that you are on the plan you signed up for. This is our way of thanking you for just being awesome and believing in us!

You can learn more about Business YETI in Valparaiso, Indiana at